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Sustainability is not an option. Our action today affects the lives of the future. - Albert Bicol

Our Services

This service is indented to provide the design team and owners a quick high level review of their project at any stage on sustainability issues. Once engaged, we can provide a summary report of high value observations and recommendations within days, maximum one week. This service can be applied to any type of building at any scale ranging from one building to a master plan of a campus or community. Passive building and site design, environmental adaptive design, energy and water demand reduction, building engineering systems (not including structural), building energy systems including renewable sources, district energy systems, etc. will be covered within the high-level review.

Services are ideal when consulting engineers may not be required yet at this stage of the project but valuable input is required that might impact the development.

  • Role can be owners’ rep/part of the owners’ team to assist in coordination with design consultants and authorities.
  • High level Sustainability advice during the early/planning stages of the project.
  • Provide technical/interpretation assistance/recommendations when dealing with local authorities such as City staff during rezoning
  • Concept level advice on energy/engineering systems including District/Renewable Energy, Buildings systems, etc.
  • As required, how the above might benefit/impact the costs/revenues/business case of the development.

Sustainable Master planning (SMP) – input/analysis that would impact energy of the development. This may include the following.

  • Microclimate analysis
  • Energy demand reduction
  • Provide input for passive site/building
  • Energy plan
  • District Energy/Renewable Energy

Provide valuable input/advice at the start of their conceptual design that would impact energy, comfort, indoor air quality, etc. In most instances engineers are not yet involved at this stage. Our main role is to provide technical information and the link and integration of engineering systems with the architecture. We can provide valuable input/advice during a design workshop/meeting/charrette. Essentially this would mean an in-house engineer for an architect.

  • MEP/Sustainability consultant for design charrettes/brainstorming sessions.
  • Presentations/training sessions on passive design, energy reduction, Net-Zero design, SMP, etc.
  • Detailed energy analysis/modeling including LEED.
  • Traditional Mechanical design services – complete services from design, production of drawings and documents (2-D or 3-D Revit), construction administration services.
  • Studies, analysis, pre-feasibility and detailed feasibility studies on the possibility of DES. These studies will also include analysis on the potential future revenue streams that may results from district energy systems. See attached information sheet for more details.
  • We have relationships with several companies interested in partnering up with developers/local governments planning on providing DES. These companies can provide full/partial financing, detailed design, construction, maintenance and operations.

We have invested 14 years in business development throughout Asia and built relationships/contacts and an understanding of how the consulting market works. We can represent or pursue projects in Asia for consultants or a team of consultants from North America.

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