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Net-Zero Energy
“We feel it is our responsibility to at least show our clients a Net-Zero Energy (NZE) design and give them free choice to decide with no commitment or risk to them.” - Albert Bicol, 2019


We are proud to announce that we, AB Consulting Inc have been awarded this large community development project in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. We will be the Sustainability and Mechanical Engineering Consultants. Stay connected as we will provide updates on our progress. 

Duck Island in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Project planning and design process


This service is indented to provide the design team and owners a quick high-level review of their project at any stage on sustainability issues. Once engaged, we can provide a summary report of high value observations and recommendations within days, maximum one week. This service can be applied to any type of building at any scale ranging from one building to a master plan of a campus or community. Passive building and site design, environmental adaptive design, energy and water demand reduction, building engineering systems (not including structural), building energy systems including renewable sources, district energy systems, etc. will be covered within the high-level review.

A Call to Action from Greta Thunberg

"We already have solutions to stop climate change - STOP EMISSIONS"

AB Consulting is committed to its higher purpose of addressing climate change while delivering high-end and high-quality projects without compromising to meet the need of future generations.

Our Recent Exposure

Designing the Future of Net-Zero Energy Buildings for Resilient & Sustainable Communities

Albert Bicol talked about pivoting towards a greener tomorrow with Net-Zero Energy buildings and what it means for communities in the future.

Our focus

We specialize in

Sustainability Master Planning

Provide best practices for specific metrics toward achieving the established Sustainability and Environmental Policy goals.

High Performance Buildings

Optimization and integration of designing the building system - passive building design, indoor air quality conditions to name a few.

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Strategies

Provide a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-effective green building.

Integrated Design

We place priority and importance on architectural environmental responsive design, old proven concepts, and awareness of the natural environment and climate to dictate the design of the building or community/campus.

Net-Zero Energy Design

NZE that drives sustainability and resilient buildings while mitigating the effects of climate change. This unique approach can be cost-saving.

Passive Building/Site Design

Leveraging the environment and natural designs to reduce the need for auxiliary heating and cooling and turn into a high-quality passive and sustainable design.

Featured Projects
Featured projects

Net-Zero Energy Buildings

Our planet’s temperature continues to rise and it’s not something we should just ignore! The time is now for all of us to implement Net-Zero Energy (NZE) in every project before 2050 to revert the 2-degree temperature rise on earth.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Key partners in Sustainability